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MUXE Art Vision Screencast Competition
Hello MUXE Community we have started the first MUXE competition and you can join!
The MUXE Art competition is one of the new programs of the MUXE Project. Anyone can participate thanks to the MUXE tools on our Alpha platform at simply register and click on tools to get started

Photopea (Online webbrowser based Photoshop)
Spacedesigner 3D (Online 3D Space Architect design software)
Animatron (Online animation video studio)
The Apple Launch Pad (Online Mockup Design Generator)
CcS Flash (Online Animation Studio Software)
Pholody (Online Photo Based Video Generator)
Adventure Box (Online Game World and Pixel Art Creator)
MUXE art competition rules

Rule 1: Design something regarding MUXE this can be anything that is within your vision of our project.
Rule 2: Screencast the entire thing upload it on youtube then open it in youtube and speed it up X4 or X6
Rule 3: We prefer you to use the tools in MUXE ONLINE but whatever is most comfortable to you is fine

Competition Date:
Monday – 6-8-2018 until Friday – 10-8-2018

Competition Prices
1: 10.000 tokens + 50 lomo diamonds
2: 6.000 tokens + 20 lomo diamonds
3: 3.500 tokens + 10 lomo diamonds
4: 1.250 tokens
5: 1.000 tokens
6: 750 tokens
7: 500 tokens
8: 500 tokens
9: 500 tokens
10: 500 tokens

Everyone that joins will stimulate the chance on more and higher envelopes for Global group/Local group and World view!

Goodluck on your design
Make sure you social share it with the following tags:

@muxeproject #muxeproject #muxe $muxe

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The MUXE ONLINE Platform is very close from going live

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